Coin Review: carVertical

Today’s topic is about one of my absolute favorite coins: carVertical

This blockchain-based car history registry uses various sources and information about cars to store them as encrypted records in a blockchain for car owners and potential buyers. CarVerticalrelies on a decentralized and transparent system, which should offer significant benefits to millions of users.

What benefits should that be?

The principle is pretty simple. The user gets the chance to notonly view and collect data about his car, but also to create car-related records for himself. As a result, potential car buyers should be able to take a closer look at the vehicle before purchasing it by providing the buyer with unspoiled and previously verified information about the car.

This information aims to facilitate the buying decision of the user as well as to help car owners maintaining their four-wheeled favorites. Meanwhile the user can be sure that theprovided car data is 100% genuine.

The idea of ​​the Baltic project, which has been implemented by the three founders Audrius Kučinskas, Rokas Medonis and Rokas Medonis since 2017, is being advised by business expertssuch as John Mack (President & CEO of CIE Automotive China, FIAT Group) and Peter Küpper. The company’s aim is to make the purchase of a car as transparent as possible.

Therefore, the car owner will be provided with information on whether the vehicle has been reported as stolen, how high the previous sales prices of the vehicle have been, if and in how many accidents the vehicle was involved, how often and at which price TÜV was charged, etc …

But what makes this project from the Baltic States so special?

The unique selling point of carVertical is, that all provided information on the Blockchain Register can’t be faked, altered or manipulated in any way due to the secure, encrypted blockchain technology of carVertical. Furthermore, carVerticaloffers every user public access and a free vehicle registration.

The future for carVertical looks bright. By 2023, 48 markets worldwide are aimed to be conquered, in addition to fantastic income forecasts and growth rates. Recently it was reported, thatcarVertical is planning cooperation with the blockchain IOTA.

I think the idea behind carVertical is great and I have already bought some of their coins at KuCoin (at a price of currently 0,00088 $ it is quite cheap at the moment) 😊 What do you think of the vehicle history registry of tomorrow? I am looking forward to your comments and suggestions!

Ciao, your Vani

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