Review : DX Exchange

The DX Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange powered by Nasdaq matching engine The DX Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange powered by Nasdaq matching engine, which is launched in the beginning of 2019. The DX Exchange allow individual and institutional investors to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies for one another and fiat currency as well. The exchange utilizes Nadaq’s highly... Continue Reading →

Review: Cobo Vault

few weeks ago I received a package from Cobowith its newest product Cobo Vault. This storage should be a next-level ledger, which promised to be the first wallet promising Military degree security hardware & software features, such as Multi-Signature for Added Security and state-of-the-art Data Transfer, whereas the device is completely air-gapped to keep your transactions safe from hackers. This Hardware wallet itself works with the Cobo Vault App, which is available in Android/iOS-version.

Coin Review: carVertical

Today’s topic is about one of my absolute favorite coins: carVertical This blockchain-based car history registry uses various sources and information about cars to store them as encrypted records in a blockchain for car owners and potential buyers. CarVerticalrelies on a decentralized and transparent system, which should offer significant benefits to millions of users. What benefits should that be? The principle is pretty simple. The user gets the chance to notonly view and collect data about... Continue Reading →

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